Savagery At ‘Allahabad College’, Stones Tossed, ‘Bike Set Ablaze’


Allahabad College: Protesters were seen in a video that was going viral on social media throwing stones at Lucknow security guards: After getting out of hand over who could enter the prestigious Allahabad University, a fight broke out between a large crowd and security guards this evening.
Protesters were seen in a video that was going viral on social media throwing stones at security guards and police officers who were called to the campus after the violence started.

A fire broke out on a motorcycle. In a second video, the guards allegedly struck the protesters with batons at the main gate.
After a former student leader got into a fight with university guards who were allegedly preventing him from entering the campus, the violence broke out.

The leader has participated in a prolonged, several months-long protests at the campus against a fee increase. The university administration has stated that the fee increase will not be reversed.
The two sides have asserted wounds. According to the police, the situation is now under control and somewhat calmer. Ramit Sharma, the commissioner of police, told reporters that the protesters have been directed to sit near the office of the students’ union, where all of their complaints will be heard.

Jaya Kapoor, the spokesperson for Allahabad Central University, stated that disruptive individuals attempted to break the lock on the university gate and assaulted the security guards. “An atmosphere of fear and anarchy prevailed on the campus as a result of this,” Ms. Kapoor stated. “The miscreants then vandalized and set fire to the premises.”
“The lowlifes are not understudies of the college. They destroyed the university canteen, a generator, a motorcycle, two teachers’ cars glasses, a generator, and the motorcycle. It is regrettable that the police had to watch everything silently. The raucous components likewise discharged shots in the air,” she said.

Tomorrow, the university will remain closed.


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