Suicide of Tunisha Sharma case: Cops claim that the deceased actor spoke with the accused Sheezan Khan shortly before his death.

The Tunisha Sharma case: The late actor, according to Waliv Police, "had a conversation with the accused" Sheezan Khan shortly before she passed away. Sheezan was remanded in the hands of the police until December 30.


In the Tunisha Sharma passing case, a couple of new subtleties arose late on Wednesday, hours after denounced Sheezan Khan was remanded to police guardianship till December 30. Waliv Police claim that Tunisha “had a conversation with the accused” shortly before she took her own life. Additionally, the police have stated that Sheezan Khan is not participating in the investigation with them.

On Saturday, Tunisha’s body was discovered on the set of her ongoing television show Alibaba – Dastaan-e-Kabul. Sheezan Khan, her ex-boyfriend and co-star on the show, was arrested a day later on suspicion of assisting a suicide attempt. Up until this point, Waliv Police have taken the proclamation from 18 individuals for the situation.

“Accused Sheezan Khan is not cooperating with the police in the investigation,” the Waliv Police, as quoted by news agency ANI, tweeted on Wednesday. The investigation has revealed that the deceased spoke briefly with the accused Sheezan Khan prior to his hanging. The police claim that Sheezan and Tunisha broke up 15 days before Tunisha passed away.

“Today, the police submitted in court that Sheezan had relations with other women as well,” Tunisha’s uncle Pawan Sharma told ANI on Wednesday. They ought to look into Tunisha’s death from every angle. After meeting Sheezan, Tunisha had changed in many ways, including beginning to wear a hijab.

On the day of Tunisha’s death, the¬†Waliv police claimed to have learned that Sheezan talked with his “secret girlfriend” for one to one and a half hours. The police looked through the WhatsApp messages Tunisha and Sheezan had exchanged prior to her death to determine what had transpired. The police are looking into the situation to determine why Sheezan deleted his conversations with just one girl and whether they were connected to Tunisha’s death.

At the Mumbai crematorium on Tuesday, Tunisha’s family, friends, and colleagues from the entertainment and film industries said their final goodbyes to the 20-year-old. Tunisha’s funeral was attended by Vishal Jethwa, Ashnoor Kaur, Avneet Kaur, Shivin Narang, and others.


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