The Health Minister will visit the airport after 31 international passengers tested positive.

In accordance with a new protocol established following the Covid surge, 6,000 individuals were randomly tested.


Delhi, India: Covid has been found in the blood of 39 foreign travelers arriving in India over the past two days. Tomorrow, Union health minister Mansukh Mandaviya will inspect the situation at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport.
In accordance with a new protocol established following the Covid surge, 6,000 individuals were randomly tested. At the international arrival section, the government had stated that two random tests would be performed on each individual.

Up to this point, 200 kinds of the Coronavirus infection have been recognized in the country. Additionally, sources claimed that the BF 7 strain, one of the four variants wreaking havoc in China, had been isolated. It is believed that the country’s vaccines are effective against the variant.

Four different strains of the coronavirus have been linked to the increase in China. He stated that only 15% of cases involved the BF.7. The larger part – – 50% – – is from the BN and BQ series, and SVV variation is 10-15 percent. The mix of viruses, on the other hand, behaves differently depending on the local epidemiology.

India benefits from “hybrid immunity,” which combines natural infection from the first, second, and third waves with immunity obtained from vaccines.

They have never been exposed to the virus before in China. Despite three to four doses, the vaccine they received is probably less effective.

esterday, Mr. Mandaviya looked over a mock drill at Delhi’s Safdarjung hospital as part of the mandatory preparations for a possible Covid surge across the country. Beds, ventilators, oxygen, emergency medications, and healthcare professionals’ preparedness must be assessed, according to the government’s directive.

“To ensure there is no Coronavirus flood in country, PM Modi has requested that we watch out. “If any Covid cases increase, the government is also prepared,” Mr. Mandaviya had stated.

Yesterday, Mr. Mandaviya stated that there is no reason to panic. In the absence of a free flow of information from China, India is only undergoing “precautionary and pre-emptive” preparations, he had added.


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