All you need to know about Technical Nitish Agarwal from Aligarh


    Nitish Agarwal  is a dedicated cyber security trainer & Consultant who is passionate about protecting people through cyber security. He has been in the field for over a few years now. Seeing a dramatic rise in cybercrime in recent years.

    He was born in India, on 26/02/2000, and was fascinated with computers. He was always tinkering with them, and eventually, he decided to pursue a BCA, CEH and CERTIFIED SECURITY AWARENESS, CSA1 in India. After graduating, he joined a local police force, where he focused on cybercrime. He quickly gained an excellent reputation for his expertise and dedication to fighting cybercrime. He has completed his Cyber Security Internship under Gurugram Police.

    In addition to his page @technical_nitish, he has achieved a few awards in

    • ALIGARH police Aazadi ka Amritt Mahotsav
    • Cyber Frat – Cyber Soldier
    • Cyber Peace Foundation award
    • Blood donation foundation award

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    And aspire to achieve OSCP CERTIFICATION then proceed with CYBER SECURITY AWARENESS PROGRAM and then continue with free Cyber security classes.

    Nitish is now in Bhubaneshwar and working with Cyber Frat and on a mission to protect people from cyber threats. He works closely with the government to ensure the security of citizens and businesses. He also helps to educate the public on cyber security and how to stay safe online. He has worked with Uttar Pradesh Police & Aligarh cyber cell, Rajasthan police & Null Delhi Member as well as volunteered at Cyber Peace Foundation, Aligarh Cyber Cell and He is a cyber security lab coordinator now.

    Nitish’s work is critical in helping to protect people from cybercrime. He is constantly on the lookout for new threats and is always learning new techniques to keep people safe. He has helped to create new systems to detect and combat cyber threats and has even developed software that can detect phishing attempts and other malicious attacks.

    Nitish is truly dedicated to helping people stay safe online and protecting them from the dangers of cybercrime. He is an expert in his field and is always working to improve the security of the internet. He is an important asset to the cyber police force in India and works hard to keep people safe.

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