Meet one the Smart Cyber Security Researcher from Assam – Kunal Das


    Kunal Das, popularly known as Cyber Delta, was born on 28th October 2002. He is currently pursuing BCA from GIMT and is a cybersecurity enthusiast.

    Kunal Das has had a range of experiences and internships in the field of cybersecurity. He was an intern at the Gurugram Police Cyber Cell and Keycybr. Here, he recorded a podcast and wrote an e-book on Trojans and Keyloggers. He also led the Assam Chapter of The Hackers Meetup Community, an organization that focuses on organizing events and webinars related to cybersecurity. In Addition to that, he was also an intern at The Cyber Kings India as a web pentester. He was a project intern at Crime Free Bharat and developed location-tracking software.

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    Kunal Das has been involved in securing various government websites and reporting bugs under NCIIPC. He has also written an article on Ballistic Forensics. He has conducted multiple webinars on the topic of cybersecurity and assisted many cyber victims during various crimes. He was also a judge at Trace Labs Global OSINT Search Party. Kunal is currently involved in various projects related to cyber security, ranging from web pen testing to OSINT, SOCMINT, GEOINT, research, web development, and problem-solving. His skills also extend to cybercrime investigation and drone piloting (part-time).

    Kunal Das is currently in Assam, Guwahati, and is involved in various projects related to cybersecurity. He is a trailblazer in the field and is devoted to protecting cyberspace from potential threats. He has a strong commitment to the safety of citizens and their data and is a vocal advocate for cyber security awareness.

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    Kunal Das is an inspiration for the new generation of cybersecurity enthusiasts. His commitment to the cause and his devotion to protecting cyberspace from potential threats is something to be admired. He is a pioneer in the field and is a role model for aspiring cybersecurity professionals. He is a maverick in the field of cybersecurity and is working hard to make sure that cyberspace remains safe and secure.

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