The Declaration of March 22 as Indian OSINT Day


    Is not a hidden fact that the use of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) in law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and everywhere has increased rapidly, therefore, the OSINT communities of India have finally declared March 22 as “Indian OSINT Day”.

    Indian researchers are already doing wonders in OSINT and many communities have been formed such as OSINT India, OSINT Community, iHUNT OSINT Framework, OSINT State, and many more. Thus, this call for a dedicated day for the Indian OSINT community was in talks and was demanded by OSINT researchers in past months, and finally today on March 22, the senior cybersecurity researchers have declared this day as Indian OSINT Day as a tribute to all OSINT researchers all across the Nation.

    What information is to be kept handy before calling 1930 the Cyber Crime helpline?

    For cybersecurity professionals, OSINT is an invaluable tool for gathering intelligence on malicious actors and their activities. By monitoring open-source sources, such as social media networks, it is possible to identify and track cyber threats in near real-time. This information can then be used to predict and prevent future attacks and to develop strategies to mitigate the impact of those that occur.

    It’s glad to be brought to the notice that, Indians were always doing great in Open-Source Intelligence but when talking about International platforms, their skills, contributions, and expertise never get recognized. To recognize the contributions and skills of Indian OSINT Researchers, finally, Indian OSINT Day has been declared which is an appreciative step by Indian Cyberspace.

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