Kichcha Sudeep might have mistakenly hurt Actor Prakash Raj


    Actor Prakash Raj expressed his shock and hurt after Kichcha Sudeep, a fellow Kannada actor, announced his support for the BJP ahead of the Karnataka assembly polls. Sudeep held a press conference on April 5, where he sat beside CM Bommai and stated that his support for the BJP was not about the party, but about the leader. This statement came as a surprise to many, including Prakash Raj, who took to social media to express his disappointment.

    In a tweet, Prakash Raj said, “I am shocked and hurt by Kichcha Sudeep’s statement. It’s sad to see actors with a huge following using their influence to support a political party. It’s important to remember that we are artists first and foremost, and our job is to entertain people, not to influence their political beliefs.”

    Prakash Raj’s statement comes at a time when the BJP is facing criticism for allegedly spreading fake news ahead of the Karnataka assembly polls. He alleged that the BJP was desperate and resorting to such tactics to gain an advantage in the upcoming elections.

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    The actor’s comments have sparked a debate on social media, with many people expressing their support for him. Some have even called for a boycott of Sudeep’s films, while others have criticized Prakash Raj for getting involved in politics.

    It’s important to note that actors and other celebrities have a significant influence on public opinion, and their support for a political party can sway voters. However, it’s also important to remember that they are entitled to their own political beliefs and should not be criticized for expressing them.

    In conclusion, Prakash Raj’s statement highlights the importance of separating art from politics. While actors and other celebrities have the right to express their political beliefs, they should also remember that their primary job is to entertain people. It’s up to the voters to decide which political party to support, and they should not be swayed by the opinions of celebrities.

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